The Best Upcoming Games of 2023 and Beyond!

Gaming World : The Best Upcoming Games of 2023 and Beyond!

Embark on a journey to the captivating realm of gaming excellence, where enigma and diversity reign supreme. Whether you tread the paths of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, brace yourself for a spellbinding lineup of upcoming games that transcend the boundaries of imagination.

This year’s extraordinary roster of gaming masterpieces is indeed a sight to behold, enriched with a melange of complexity and vibrant sentence cadences. While some of these titles were originally slated for release last year, they have been meticulously refined to perfection, awaiting the opportune moment to enrapture the gaming community.

From the onset of spring to the zenith of summer and beyond, the gaming world is poised to welcome an array of enthralling experiences, regardless of your chosen platform. Join us on this enchanting odyssey as we present the crème de la crème of the upcoming gaming ventures.

Starfield: A Celestial Odyssey
Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, PC

Behold Bethesda’s monumental creation, Starfield, an unprecedented open-world IP following the legacy of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Its scope is galactic in scale, explaining the slight delay from its original release date. Fervent efforts have been made to surpass any previous issues and avoid comparisons to No Man Sky’s controversial launch.

Venture into the stellar expanse, piloting your own personalized spacecraft, exploring over 1,000 worlds across 100 systems. At its core, Starfield remains an action RPG, where you’ll forge alliances, combat space marauders, and engage in exhilarating first or third-person combat with a seamless blend of shooting and melee prowess.

Expected Arrival: 6 September

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Trippy Reimagination
Platform: Not limited to boundaries

Behold the newest Mario adventure, the audacious Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which casts off the Art Deco-esque style of its predecessors for an eccentric and Beatlesque visual extravaganza. Surreal warp pipes come alive, accompanied by the mysterious ‘Wonder Flower,’ bestowing transformative powers upon the stages, while Mario himself metamorphoses into an elephant!

Expected Arrival: 20 October

Hollow Knight: Silksong – An Artful Metroidvania
Platforms: PC, Switch, Xbox, PS5, PS4

Crafted by a mere trio of visionaries, Hollow Knight, an indie Metroidvania that attained cult status since its 2017 debut, anticipates a sequel in the form of Silksong. Traverse an eerie insect-infested realm, depicted in exquisite hand-drawn artistry, and take on the agile persona of Hornet, a former nemesis from the original game. Brave novel adversaries and daunting trials as you ascend the kingdom’s summit, all while embracing its upcoming availability on major platforms, including Game Pass.

Expected Arrival: Yet to be disclosed

Baldur’s Gate 3: A Triumph in Fantasy
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Emerging from an era of long-awaited sequels, Baldur’s Gate 3 stands as a testament to the creative prowess of Larian Studios, known for the Divinity: Original Sin series. This top-down fantasy RPG immerses players in a world governed by the D&D 5th Edition rules. Your protagonist, grappling with a cerebral parasite, embarks on a world-spanning quest for its removal. With a distinct and intriguing plot, Baldur’s Gate 3 promises to be a colossal success in 2023.

Expected Arrival: August 2023 (PC, PS5), TBA (Xbox)

Lies of P: Pinocchio Unleashed

Traversing the fabled tale of Pinocchio, Lies of P embarks on a journey that reimagines the classic Italian folklore with a dark and brooding essence. As Pinocchio, known as ‘P’ in this rendition, awakens in a Victorian-inspired alternate reality, the quest to find Mr. Geppetto unfolds like a gripping Hitman contract. Armed with a robotic arm, capable of housing a myriad of weaponry and lethal gadgets, Pinocchio’s adventure takes inspiration from Kingdom Hearts in a revolutionary depiction of a bygone France. The stakes are high, and we anticipate an enthralling experience that transcends all expectations.

Expected Arrival: August 2023

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: A Dual Protagonist Extravaganza
Platform: PS5

A sequel to the acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man, this gaming gem promises to be a tour de force with the inclusion of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as web-slinging heroes. Armed with thrilling new adversaries, such as Kraven the Hunter and fan-favorite Venom, the upcoming installment exudes a sense of awe and excitement. As gamers traverse the open-world setting, anticipation builds for a fresh twist in gameplay mechanics to complement the exhilaration of traversing the city. With the concurrent release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse in cinemas, 2023 proves to be an extraordinary year for Spider-Man aficionados.

Expected Arrival: Autumn 2023

Mortal Kombat 1: A Gruesome Rebirth

Play Intricately intertwined with the legacy of 80s Dads, the Mortal Kombat franchise rekindles its brutality in Mortal Kombat 1, a riveting reboot with a twist. The classic universe undergoes rebirth, courtesy of Fire God Liu Kang’s triumph in Mortal Kombat 11. Despite the speculation surrounding the prospect of toning down the gore, the announcement trailer boasts an unmistakable showcase of gruesome battles, faithful to its roots. Fan service takes center stage as nostalgic players encounter familiar characters, including a Johnny Cage skin inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey back to the essence of Mortal Kombat.

Expected Arrival: 19 September

EA Sports FC: A Fresh Chapter in FIFA

Breaking free from its longstanding partnership, EA ventures forth into the future as EA Sports FC, marking a significant transition from the FIFA moniker. This momentous change heralds a new era in gaming history, with a bold vision of recruiting one billion global players in the coming years. Offering authentic teams and players from prestigious leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga, the game shuns any semblance of generic team names. Boasting 19,000 licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues, EA Sports FC introduces groundbreaking gameplay additions, such as the HyperMotion V system, incorporating real-world movement data into the game. As Haaland scores that sensational overhead screamer in the Champions League, it shall soon become an integral part of the game, tantalizing players with unparalleled realism. Additionally, the inclusion of Women’s football in the coveted Ultimate Team mode opens new avenues for fierce competition and bagging top-tier players.

Expected Arrival: 29 September

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl – An Anomalous Journey
Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X/S

The Stalker series returns with its fourth installment, Heart of Chornobyl, beckoning players back into the perilous exclusion zone surrounding the infamous nuclear power station. A world teeming with eerie creatures, deadly combat, and bizarre radioactive phenomena awaits intrepid adventurers. Unveiling a true open-world experience, Heart of Chornobyl is a first-person shooter developed using the Unreal Engine 5, employing cutting-edge graphics, including ray-tracing, to deliver an immersive and visually stunning gameplay encounter.

Expected Arrival: December 2023

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – A Legendary Remake
Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Witness the reimagining of Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, where Solid Snake delves into the treacherous jungle. A remake aiming to remain faithful to the original masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater captivates fans with its cinematic allure. While gameplay footage remains scarce, cinematic shots tantalize with glimpses of jungle critters, a tantalizing confrontation between an anaconda and a crocodile, and Solid Snake’s emergence from a murky swamp. Expectations soar high, as this remaster aims to ascend to the pinnacle of the revered series.

Expected Arrival: 2023

Alan Wake 2: A Haunting Comeback
Platform: PS5

After a protracted wait of 13 years, the long-desired revival of Alan Wake is imminent, promising a riveting experience for gamers worldwide. Trapped in an alternate dimension for over a decade, our protagonist, Wick, must now escape by crafting a horrifying tale for an FBI agent, hoping it serves as his deliverance. Imbued with tense gameplay, a compelling narrative structure, and heart-stopping jump scares, Alan Wake 2 carries the torch of its iconic predecessor, primed to cast an enchanting spell on players.

Expected Arrival: 17 November

In conclusion, 2023 presents a gaming landscape filled with mesmerizing stories and spellbinding experiences. With a diverse array of upcoming titles, gamers are in for an unparalleled treat, be it exploring cosmic frontiers, confronting dark fantasies, or unleashing the power of iconic heroes. Embrace the enigma and burstiness of these extraordinary games, and immerse yourself in a world where wonder knows no bounds.

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